Life has many phases and one of them is depression. Depression has only one reason and that is expectation. More you expect and more likely is that you fall a prey of this predator. Now the question arises do we can stop it from its entry into our nervous wires and stop it from impacting our hormonal balance. Reality is till we are alive we can’t get out of it because we can’t end expectation.

Some people say we should work but not expect anything. Tell me one person in whole world who can actually do this. And the answer is no one. A person wakes up in the morning with anĀ  expectation to have a better today than yesterday and through chorus of daily activity he expects some miracle to save him from his misery. Gradually day ends and at time of sleep he sleeps with an expectation of better tomorrow. So, expectation is integral part of human psychology and so does is depression.

Don’t take my words in negative way. Depression is good. How you tackle your sadist emotions defines you as a person in real life. Expect-depress-work hard-achieve.


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