Short Story: A Hug

My another creation:

Mother: “One more bite! come one” (moving her hand towards the mouth of his five years old son)

Son: “I don’t want any more” (turning his face in other direction)
Mother: “Please beta! eat one more piece” (she said to convince his son)
Son: ” NO!” (son stood and started to run towards hall)
Mother: “Fine, don’t eat it you will not eat then I will also don’t take my medicines” (mother said with pain and sadness in her voice)She started to cough because of her disease. Doctor had strictly instructed her not to speak too much. However love for her son compelled her to do so.

Son: “take this” (he stood near her face with a glass of water)
Mother: “I will not drink” (she said while turing her face)
Son: “But why!” (he said with surprised expression)
Mother: “Because you refused to eat. First you eat then only I will drink this” (mother said with still coughing)
Son: “Fine! you win.” ( he said accepting his defeat)

Mother after making her son eat; she drunk glass of water. Though he was small kid but his innocent mind understand the love what her mother has for him.

Son: “Why you do like this everytime?” (he asked with guilt and love in his eyes)
Mother: “Dear, for a mother her child is the most precious. I LOVE YOU beta!” (hugging him tightly)
Son: ” But I HATE YOU!” (he started to cry)

Tears started to flow from both of them eyes. but it was not the tears of pain but of love and affaction that only mother and child posses for each other.


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