Save Net Neutrality


There is lot of discussion going on Net Neutrality. There are debaters from both side putting there arguments and finding the loop holes in opponents. TRAI has decided 24th April,2015 has a “Judgment Day” on Net Neutrality. It has given users a chance to register their opinion on this topic and if there will be not much oppose it will allow telecomm companies to decide for which site or for which how much they demand from their users. So what is Net Neutrality?

Net Neutrality is a concept which we are following right now. All data available on net is same. We have to pay same amount for whichever site application we use. There is no favoritism towards any site or application. Now telecomm and TRAI wants to nullify this concept and want to charge different amount for different sites or applications.

Telecommunication companies are saying that due to many apps which allow free messages and call they are losing their traditional income. Lets see Reliance has 3G pack of Rs 155 that means Rs 0.15 per MB. For every minute of video call on Skype between mobile to mobile there is 3.75MB data usage so for every minute one pays Rs 0.56 and call rate on Reliance is Rs 0.50. So where is a loss about which companies are talking. On the other hand Airtel has seen a sharp rise of 61% in net revenue.

Lets talk about if net neutrality comes to an end then every company will have to have tie up with telecomm so that they get adequate speed. Now lets assume that Flipkart gets in tie up with Airtel for more speed to its site and one wants to buy something from Amazon then he may not be able to open site and use it at that speed that he can order and in last he will be compelled to buy from Flipkat  because it will only be one shopping site running properly on Airtel. If now one wants to startup an online shop, from where he will pay money to be in business against giants like Snapdeal, Flipkart or Amazon.

Free net is the right of every net user because it is ultimately me who will decide which site I want to see, whether to use Skype or Whatsapp. Net is free and it should remain free. Ball is now in TRAI’s court, let see what it decides. But I support Net Neutrality.


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