Life has many phases and one of them is depression. Depression has only one reason and that is expectation. More you expect and more likely is that you fall a prey of this predator. Now the question arises do we can stop it from its entry into our nervous wires and stop it from impacting our hormonal balance. Reality is till we are alive we can’t get out of it because we can’t end expectation.

Some people say we should work but not expect anything. Tell me one person in whole world who can actually do this. And the answer is no one. A person wakes up in the morning with an  expectation to have a better today than yesterday and through chorus of daily activity he expects some miracle to save him from his misery. Gradually day ends and at time of sleep he sleeps with an expectation of better tomorrow. So, expectation is integral part of human psychology and so does is depression.

Don’t take my words in negative way. Depression is good. How you tackle your sadist emotions defines you as a person in real life. Expect-depress-work hard-achieve.


You Complete Me



It’s not everyday you meet a girl and fall in love with her.

Lets say this in another way; it’s a mesmerizing moment when you fall in love.

The moment your unconscious mind suddenly start shouting, significantly loud  enough to make your whole body shiver and you understand that she is the one; your princess.

I felt the same with you. You made me believe that I am special. It’s yours eyes which made me handsome.

I always thought it’s cupid’s arrow work which we call love but after meeting you I realized it’s compassion and devotion of yours which did the magic.

The truth is ‘You Complete Me’.


So much anger, so much hate. Please calm down people, look up even HE is sad…

Though I am a science student, I can’t deny the existence of HIM.

HE is the one who created this world. So, HE only has the right to destroy it.

But, HA HA HA… Here come human beings who believe they are next to God and entitled to mould nature as per their wish. And they did..

Since humans are BEST and most INTELLIGENT  species. They want to destroy themselves. So, they started to have war with different agenda but with fixed result, that is destruction.

WAR is like drug. You get addicted to it. No matter how much you hate it but you can’t live without it.

STOP this psychosis or else END of world is not far enough..




I can feel I am telling you. I am lost in this vast giant world. Please give me hand. Please save me. I feel like I am on a boat, all alone. Its as dark as eyes of mother lost her only baby.

Why I am lost!

Actually it’s my mind who is creating the illusion. He doesn’t wants to tackle the problem. What an irony God gave us brain to solve our huddle however most of the huddles are created by it. Sometimes I feel do I really deserve the sadness struggle I am facing? And you know what my consiousness reply with Yes!. Can you believe.

Short Story: A Hug

My another creation:

Mother: “One more bite! come one” (moving her hand towards the mouth of his five years old son)

Son: “I don’t want any more” (turning his face in other direction)
Mother: “Please beta! eat one more piece” (she said to convince his son)
Son: ” NO!” (son stood and started to run towards hall)
Mother: “Fine, don’t eat it you will not eat then I will also don’t take my medicines” (mother said with pain and sadness in her voice)She started to cough because of her disease. Doctor had strictly instructed her not to speak too much. However love for her son compelled her to do so.

Son: “take this” (he stood near her face with a glass of water)
Mother: “I will not drink” (she said while turing her face)
Son: “But why!” (he said with surprised expression)
Mother: “Because you refused to eat. First you eat then only I will drink this” (mother said with still coughing)
Son: “Fine! you win.” ( he said accepting his defeat)

Mother after making her son eat; she drunk glass of water. Though he was small kid but his innocent mind understand the love what her mother has for him.

Son: “Why you do like this everytime?” (he asked with guilt and love in his eyes)
Mother: “Dear, for a mother her child is the most precious. I LOVE YOU beta!” (hugging him tightly)
Son: ” But I HATE YOU!” (he started to cry)

Tears started to flow from both of them eyes. but it was not the tears of pain but of love and affaction that only mother and child posses for each other.

Few Short Flames

One day you wake up and realize that whatever you know till now is false; everyone you know has never existed. It is really a breathtaking to imagine this, right!! Now imagine whatever you parents told you about this world are bluff. Now it’s scary, right!! Nothing in this world is a ‘perfect truth’ not even death.

Have you ever tried to open your eyes in a bucket full of water? Have you ever imagined your room as a space ship and yourself as a world savior? Have you ever wished to have wings so that you can fly? Whole day while sitting on my uncomfortable salary giving chair, the thought pops up in my mind that what has changed in me. The flame of adventure, the kindle of joyous life has left me at all.

Short Story: My Unstrung Guitar

This is my first attempt to write a short story:

Few months back I was searching for something in the storeroom. While in my expedition in that dark, fetid, dusty room I found my broken dream; my old unstrung guitar. It was a present from my parents on my eighteenth birthday. It was simple a hollow body acoustic guitar, wooden frame, reddish in colour, black neck along. When I first saw it I was on cloud nine. I felt one step close to accomplish my dream.

I also joined a coaching to expertise in my apprentice. Whenever I went wandering outdoors I had my guitar strapped around my back. However I was unable to continue as I was compelled to focus on my career rather than unavailing dream.

“You should study now, it is paramount. After you get admission in a reputed college you can pursue your dream”.

For entire night while lying on my bed I felt the pain of losing something precious which was partially the reflection on my personality and I was handcuffed.

“It is tough to follow your dream but it is tougher to let it go”.

In morning when I came home from school my guitar was gone. My dream to be musician, to be someone I want to be was gone. 

After so many years when I looked at my guitar, I thought for an instance to play it but I can’t. I can’t go back to those memories, those are pasts and full and melody. I am successful in my career but I am not what I dreamed of.